The Royal Palace of Godollo

The Royal Palace of Godotto is the world's second largest Baroque castle. Located less than 30 km from Budapest, it was built in the 18th century.

The Royal Palace of Godollo is located just 30 kilometers northeast of Budapest, and it is considered the Hungarian equivalent of the Palace of Versailles. This palace, which is the second largest Baroque castle in the world, was built at the beginning of the 18th century, and in 1867 it was bought by the crown during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It became the favorite summer residence of the royal family, especially of Queen Elizabeth who loved spending her time here. The palace has a double U shape and it is surrounded by a huge park.

After World War II, the soviet troops stationed in the palace and brought it to decay. However, the structure has been recently renovated and it is now back to its original magnificence. Painted walls were uncovered, bringing back the original style of the 18th century.

The northern front garden, the main facade with the so called Italian bastions and walkaways were rebuilt with historical authenticity in 1998. The palace accommodates a permanent exhibition as well as various temporary exhibitions. The 26-hectare English park – which is open to the public – was declared a natural reserve in 1998.

Getting to the Royal Palace of Godollo is easy: you can take a suburban train from Hev station of follow the instructions by car.


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Máriabesnyo has been a famous pilgrimage site since 1200, thanks to the ivory statue of the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus. During the reconstruction works of the Lorettó Chapel a relics has been found, and devotees attributed to it thaumaturgical properties. In 1992 the chapel has been declared minor Basilica by John Paul II.

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