Budapest Map

Divided into two by the Danube, Budapest is made up by Buda which is characterized by its hills, and Pest which is the commercial area full of monuments.

Here you will find an interactive map of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

The city is divided into two towards the North-South direction by the Danube river, which represents a central asset for the city trade. On the left side of the river there is the Buda district, characterized by its 20 hills and its Castle. On the right bank of the river there is Pest, which is characterized by the majestic Parliament building. Buda is a residential district, while Pest is rich in commercial and industrial areas.

Budapest holds the primacy of being the only world’s capital with natural thermal springs. With more than 120 springs, there are about 70 million liters of water flowing everyday providing healing effects. The water may reach up to 58 Celsius degrees.

There are 3 islands on the Danube belonging to the administrative area of the Hungarian capital city: Margaret Island, Csepel Island, and Obudai Island.