Hungarian gastronomy

The Hungarian cuisine is famous for its spicy and sweet and sour dishes often seasoned with paprika, and for its famous Gulash stew.

Hungarian cuisine is famous all over the world because of its spicy and sweet and sour flavors. Paprika, whether sweet (csemege) or spicy (csipos), and pepper are used not only in the traditional Hungarian cuisine, but also in all those dishes coming from a real Hungarian gastronomic revolution.

Among the most famous dishes there are Gulash (Gulyas), which is a tasty soup with beef stew and pasta, lard (or oil), onions, cumin, paprika, potatoes, carrots, parsley, peppers, and tomatoes – this recipe is very different from the Check one.


Soups in general are one of the main dishes in the Hungarian cuisine; delicious mushrooms and potatoes soups – in some restaurants they are served with toasted apple slices. You should definitely try the cabbage soup as well as the catfish soup. On summer time you should not miss the sour cherry soup. Experiment with all these flavors that will definitely surprise you.

Halaszl soups are made of meat, vegetables, or fish. These are the main Hungarian dishes and they can vary according to the geographical region.

The Porkolt stew is another traditional dish; it can be made with beef or mixed meats, cooked with sauteed onions and lard, seasoned with paprika, peppers, and tomatoes. It comes in a thick red sauce. Only in Hungary it is cooked with some tejfol, a thick sour cream available only in Hungary. In addition to the famous Hungarian salami, the country offers a variety of delicious cold cuts, like the teli szalami and the Pick szalami.

In Budapest restaurants dishes like duck or goose liver are very common. Among the typical sweets and cakes there are strudel, Gundel crepe, Somlo-style cake, chestnuts puree and ricotta parcels.


Hungary has some excellent vineyards. There are plenty of high quality wines that you will be able to enjoy during your stay in the country; very often they are available at very affordable prices.

Palinka is a fruit brandy made of apricot, peer, cherry, or plum. It is usually served with the following appetizers: libamaj, goose liver pate, korozott, liptauer cheese spread, spiced scallions, and a type of bun called pogacsa.

The most famous Hungarian liquor is the Unicum, which belongs to the magyar tradition.

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