Danube river cruise

Danube cruises offer the opportunity to admire the main monuments and attractions of the Hungarian capital city from a unusual perspective.

The Danube river, which flows from west to east for less than 3000 km, has its source in Bavaria and empties into the Black Sea. The river is navigable for almost its entire length, and organizing cruises on the Danube is a real business.

The Danube passes through numerous cities, such as Linz and Vienna in Austria, Bratislava in Slovakia, Vidin in Bulgaria and of course Budapest in Hungary.

Visiting Budapest on a cruise

There is a wide choice of itineraries on the Danube; some can be shorter or longer and some others flow through different countries. Some Danube cruises flow along the Rhino river through the Meno-Danube navigation canal.

It is possible to choose to visit Budapest on a cruise stopover.

Several operators offer Danube cruises, including AMA Waterways, Avalon Waterways, Saga Cruises, Scenic Tours, Titan, Uniworld, and Viking River Cruises. Cruise ferries feature comfortable cabins, onboard spa services, excellent restaurants as well as deck pool and chairs.

Short Danube cruises

Those who have planned to visiti only Budapest and do not want to take a long tour on the Danube can still experience a short river cruise, maybe for one night or for one day.

The duration of the cruises varies according to the itinerary; some last only one hour, covering the main sights and attractions along the Danube; some last a couple of hours, offering the opportunity to stop on Margaret Island, while evening cruises last longer, including dining and entertainment services onboard.

Some examples of Danube cruises available in Budapest:

By checking the official websites it is possible to have a wider view of all the available choices and to book the tickets for the selected tour.

Danube Cruises

Danube Cruising using public transportation

Un altro modo per godere della visuale di Budapest dal Danubio è quello di prendere una nave di linea. La Budapest Transport Company (BKV) opera con battelli tra Boráros tér e Rómaifürdő, con fermate a Petőfi tér, Batthyány tér e Isola Margherita. A partire dal 2012, BKV gestisce anche un nuovo servizio di traghetti, che collega Kopaszi-GAT e Rómaifürdő.

Another way to enjoy the panoramic view of Budapest is by using public transporation. Budapest Transport Company (BKV) operates between Boráros tér and Rómaifürdő, stopping at Petőfi tér, Batthyány tér and Margaret Island. Since 2012, BKV offers a new ferry serving connecting Kopaszi-GAT and Rómaifürdő.

What to see along the Danube

Danube Bend

The curve between Esztergom and Visegrad, known as the Danube bend, is a channel opened by the great European river between tall and old volcanoes, shaping an extraordinary landscaped dominated by the medieval fortress of Visegrad and green forests.
The magyars built their kingdom among these lands, turning Esztergom into their capital city. In order to discover the wonders of the Danube bend, one can follow the road that delimits the Danube, or take a ferry or an hydrofoil.

Left bank of the Danube

The left bank of the Danube passes along numerous volcanoes dating back to about twenty million years ago and which are now extinct. Along the bank there are a number of towns full of history and art. In Nagyborzsony there is a church dating back to the Árpád age, the first royal dynasty of Hungary, which was named after the Arpad prince. In Marianosztra there is a gothic chapel and in Zebegeny there is one of the most beautiful liberty churches of Hungary.

It is also possible to discover the left bank of the Danube on a romantic train ride: in addition to the Royal Palace of Godollo and the city of Vac, do not miss a visit to Leanyfalu, Fot and the Vacratot botanical garden: