Best time to go to Budapest

Budapest is a very popular travel destination thanks to its mix of monuments, nightlife, and relaxing oasis available all year long.

Budapest is a very popular destination thanks to its history and its tourist attractions, such as its thermal baths. Being located right in the heart of Europe it has become a meeting point for people traveling around the old continent who choose to visit it during different times of the year, according to their needs and interests.

Spring and Autumn

Spring and Autumn, characterized by their mild temperatures, are the best time to visit Budapest for art and culture lovers. There are various festivals taking place during these months: the Spring Festival, the Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál, which runs from mid March to the beginning of April, is one of the country’s biggest cultural events. In addiction, there are more than 200 events taking place around the capital, including ballets, opera, and so on.

Winter months

Temperatures get colder from the end of October until March. Despite the cold weather, during these months you will have the opportunity to enjoy Budapest under the snow and live an authentic fairy experience.

December is the best month for Christmas lovers; walk around the stalls of the numerous Christmas markets taking place during this time of the year, such as the Vörösmarty Square market.

Summer months

During the summer months of July and August temperatures get warmer and the locals leave the city to tourists.

Starting from May, the city is invested by a very active nightlife and party mood. It is time for open-air clubs – which sometimes are located along the river – and open-air bars and cafes, which call the attention of a large number of people who want to have a drink and share a laugh with their friends.

During the weekends of July and the beginning of August, the Chain Bridge is closed to traffic and it is literally invaded by market stalls selling all sorts of handicrafts and food.

The Grand Prix takes place towards the end of July and the beginning of August, and it represents a very popular event. From June to September hotels may have higher rates; it is advisable to make a reservation in advance to find the best accommodation at the best rate.

Contemporary art lovers should visit Budapest in Autumn, when the Autumn Festival and the Budapesti Oszi Fesztivál invade the city with music, movies, dance and theater shows and much more.

Come risparmiare su trasporti e biglietti d'ingresso

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Budapest Card: Public Transport, 30+ Top Attractions & Tours
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New Year in Budapest

New Year in Budapest

Budapest weather

Budapest weather

Budapest is a fascinating city all year long. However, summer time with its mild temperature is the best time to visit it.
Events in Budapest

Events in Budapest

Budapest is a very active city offering various musical, cultural, and gastronomical events every month of the year.
Christmas Markets in Budapest

Christmas Markets in Budapest

Christmas markets in Budapest take place in the heart of the city, giving to the Hungarian capital a magical touch and atmosphere.
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