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1. Christmas Markets in Budapest

Christmas markets in Budapest take place in the heart of the city, giving to the Hungarian capital a magical touch and atmosphere.

2. Events in Budapest

Budapest is a very active city offering various musical, cultural, and gastronomical events every month of the year.

3. New Year in Budapest

Feasts, street celebrations, concerts, and cruises on the Danube river will turn your New Year’s Eve in Budapest – Szilveszter in Hungarian – into an unforgettable, romantic, and charming experience. The city will shine with the […]

4. Best time to go to Budapest

Budapest is a very popular travel destination thanks to its mix of monuments, nightlife, and relaxing oasis available all year long.

5. Szechenyi Baths

Szechenyi Baths, located into a magnificent historic building, are the most famous baths in the city and they are really worth a visit.

6. The Royal Palace of Godollo

The Royal Palace of Godotto is the world’s second largest Baroque castle. Located less than 30 km from Budapest, it was built in the 18th century.

7. Danube river cruise

Danube cruises offer the opportunity to admire the main monuments and attractions of the Hungarian capital city from a unusual perspective.

8. Where to sleep in Budapest

Trying to understand where to sleep in Budapest may sound challenging; you only need to find the right balance between its cultural sites and nightlife.

9. Szentendre

Szentendre is located about 20 km away from Budapest and it is a very nice town to visit on a day-trip from the capital.